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All engraving and Sublimation is done ON SITE , this would include all trophy and plaques, brass and aluminum, all individual names, plastic and or aluminum name badges/magnets, door signage,. We have been known in the past to engrave on a few specialty items, such as flasks for the guys in the wedding party, or pewter key chains and ID bracelets. We do not supply these items, however you may bring them to us for the engraving. The turn around time is rather impressive as we do have 3 computer engravers, and a Sublimation Printer/Press for more custom work.

The most common engraving/sublimation material is in stock here, and we cut the plates manually to your size requirements. At any given time, you will be able to ask for burgundy with gold letters, or black with silver letters, and the variations are virtually unlimited.

Our new sublimation process allows us to pick up your logo from an email you send us, we duplicate it and clean it up and then prepare the award to your specifications. Usually we can have turn around time of 1-2 days. The sublimation allows us to print black letters on Silver, Gold, Bronze and White all with favourable results.

We have laser engraving available, at our fingertips, we do send this specialty work out though, as we just do not have the space for the equipment. I have a scanner on the premises and email is a wonderful thing . Laser engraving is usually done on Acrylic Awards or Glass Awards.

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